Note: Clinic closed until 10 a.m. the first Thursday and until noon on the third Thursday of each month.

Join us on Facebook Live for a Humana Town Hall at 10:00 on May 23. Topic: Permanent Change of Station. Coordinating Your Medical Coverage Before, During, and After Your Move

Medical Readiness Clinic (MRC) walk-in service is suspended until August due to Cadet Summer Training. Soldiers requiring MRC services prior to August should contact their respective unit Operations (S3) section to coordinate related requirements within the schedule of limited space available opportunities at Building 2020 for the months of June and July. August walk-in MRC dates will be provided once they are firmly established.

Getting Care

Updated April 17, 2024

Appointments and Referrals

Scheduling Appointments

You may schedule medical appointments at Ireland Army Health Clinic by calling the clinic’s Central Appointment Line at 1-800-493-9602 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also use the Internet and schedule appointments 24/7 by logging onto the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.  A Common Access Card (CAC) or DS Logon is needed to access the patient portal.

Helpful videos:

Tips for use when calling the clinic’s Central Appointment Line.  Listen to the entire message before making a selection, and do not hang up the phone until you reach your destination. Peak calling times are 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., Mon, Wed and Fri, which can result in a longer wait.

Active Duty

Active-duty personnel stationed at Fort Knox are assigned to a Primary Care Manager (PCM) where you are required to get all your medical care. Any care that your PCM can’t provide (other than emergency care) requires a referral; this includes urgent care. To schedule appointments: 
  • Call IRAHC Central Appointment Line at 1-800-493-9602 or use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.  (The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is only available to those enrolled to an MTF)
  • If you’re unable to go to your PCM or military hospital or clinic, you’ll need a referral or prior authorization to seek outside care with a network provider. An example may be an emergency or when your military hospital or clinic is closed.
  • If you’re on leave away from your duty station and you need routine or urgent care:
    • You must still have a referral from your PCM.
    • If after hours, call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273)
      • You must call your PCM the next duty day to inform him/her of care you received.

Sick Call

Sick call is available Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. till 11:30 a.m. for active-duty personnel. 
Sick call provides acute medical care to active-duty soldiers on Fort Knox.
Acute injuries and illnesses ONLY. Anything older than 72 hours, please make an appointment with your provider.
Sick call not available on Federal holidays and the 1st and 3rd Thursday every month. 

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal 

You may also use the internet and schedule appointments 24/7 by logging onto the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. A CAC or DS Logon is needed to access the patient portal. 
Search key word is "Knox" when searching for listing of Ireland Army Health Clinic Providers or Services.

Along with the new Electronic Health Record (EHR), the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website available 24/7 that gives you access to your health information. Through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, you can:

  • View health information
  • ​Schedule appointments with your Primary Care Manager
  • Communicate securely with provider.
Helpful Videos:

After-Hours Care

Emergencies, and after-hours care: For life, limb, or eyesight; call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. For Active-duty pre-authorization to Urgent Care Centers, please call the TRICARE Nurse Advice Line (NAL) at 800-874-2273.

Contact the MHS Nurse Advice Line for care advice at any hour or day of the week. We can assist you in finding local care services as necessary. The MHS Nurse Advice Line is available 24/7 by phone, web chat, and video chat. 
  • Get evidence-based health care advice from a registered nurse.
  • Find an urgent care or emergency care facility.
  • Receive recommendations for the most appropriate level of care.
  • Schedule same or next day appointments when recommended by a registered nurse and enrolled to a military hospital or clinic.

Doctor on Demand

Humana Military and Doctor on Demand are partnering to provide urgent care now available through Doctor on Demand for TRICARE Beneficiaries. **Not available for Active Duty**
Our telemedicine options give you another choice in your healthcare. Through interactive audio/video technology, you can see a provider in a convenient, private setting in your own home. Skip a trip and simplify your care today.  With 24/7 access to doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other medical experts, care is always available, anytime and anywhere.
1.  Simply download the DrOnDemand app
2.  Fill in the required information
3.  Await your appointment
Select and see your favorite providers again and again, right from your smartphone, tablet or computer. These providers can order prescriptions, additional testing, referrals, and more just like an in-person provider! TRICARE ELIGIBLE BENEFICIARIES DO NOT REQUIRE A REFERRAL. Co-pays vary based on TRICARE plans. You’ll be able to see you if you have a co-pay prior to completing your appointment registration.


All Active-Duty Soldiers and Tricare Prime Beneficiaries require a referral prior to receiving medical care outside the Military Treatment Facility. 
If after hours, on the weekend, or if you are traveling out of your local area, please call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2273 to assist with urgent/emergency care needs.
Routine referrals are processed in 7-10 business days. Check the status of your network referrals and authorizations at Humana Military. Once you have an approved referral you can call Humana Military at 1-800-444-5445 for any provider changes or questions regarding your referral. 
For more information regarding referrals and authorizations, check out the Tricare website

If you’re enrolled in a TRICARE Prime plan, at some point you may need specialty care that your primary care manager (PCM) can’t provide. In that case, he or she may refer you to a specialty provider. You may need a referral and pre-authorization from your PCM to seek care from a specialty provider, depending on your TRICARE health plan.

If your Specialty Care Referral requires you to travel 100 miles or more from IRAHC, you may be eligible for travel reimbursement. Learn more at Travel Reimbursement for Specialty Care | TRICARE
Q: How do I know if I need a referral?
A: If you’re an active duty service member (ADSM) or non-ADSM enrolled in a TRICARE Prime plan, then you need a referral from your PCM to seek most specialty care with another provider. Referrals aren’t required for most health care services under TRICARE Select. As outlined in the TRICARE Plans Overview, TRICARE Select beneficiaries aren’t required to have a PCM and can choose to see any TRICARE-authorized provider. An authorized provider is any individual, institution/organization, or supplier that is licensed by a state, accredited by national organization, or meets other standards of the medical community, and is certified to provide benefits under TRICARE. There are two types of TRICARE-authorized providers: Network and Non-Network. DS for services covered by TRICARE without a referral. However, certain services always require pre-authorization. ADSMs need a referral for all nonemergency care from a civilian provider. This includes specialty care, mental health care and substance use disorder services.
Q: How do I get a referral?
A: You can contact your PCM. Your PCM will then work with your TRICARE contractor for the referral and/or authorization. Your contractor will try to refer you to a military hospital or clinic first. If that option isn’t available, the contractor will refer you to a network provider in your region. A specialist you have an approved referral to see can also submit referrals for care related to their specialty.
Q: What happens if I seek care without seeing my PCM first?
A: You may be responsible to pay out of pocket for care. If you’re enrolled in a TRICARE Prime plan and you visit a specialist without an approved referral from your PCM when it’s required, you’re using the point-of-service (POS) option and will be subject to POS charges. The POS option isn’t available for ADSMs.
Q: How do I check the status of my referral or authorization?
A: You can view or check the status of your referral by logging into your account on your regional contractor’s website. If overseas, call your TOP Regional Call Center.
Q: What is pre-authorization?
A: Pre-authorization is when your TRICARE contractor reviews a requested health care service to see if it’s medically necessary. To be medically necessary means it is appropriate, reasonable, and adequate for your condition. and a TRICARE covered benefit. Certain services require pre-authorization before you receive them regardless of your TRICARE plan. These include hospice care, Applied Behavior Analysis, home health care, adjunctive dental services, and more. In many cases, your provider will contact your TRICARE contractor to get pre-authorization. ADSMs need pre-authorization for all inpatient and outpatient specialty services.
Q: After I get authorization, what steps do I take?
A: Your regional contractor (TRICARE East or TRICARE West) will send you and your provider an electronic authorization letter with instructions. Schedule your appointment with the provider listed in the letter. Note the expiration date of the authorization and be sure to get care before it expires. If you need to find another provider, contact your regional contractor.

Travel Reimbursement for Specialty Care. 

Click here to learn more about Travel Reimbursement for Specialty Care | TRICARE

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