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Patient Resources

Educational and Developmental Intervention Services


Fort Knox Educational and Developmental Services (EDIS) offers evaluations and intervention for children between the ages of zero and three years who have delays in the areas of communication, motor skills, learning, self-help skills and / or social interactions.

No referrals are needed. Walk-ins and calls are welcome. We are located at:
132 Clairborne Street Bldg 6289, Fort Knox, KY 40121

Services Offered

A formal developmental evaluation by the EDIS team to determine the need for services.

A plan for services created by a team including the family that helps the family achieve the outcomes they set for themselves and their child.

Services in the home, day care or wherever the child spends the day.

Learning activities that fit into the family's daily routine and activities.

Services offered through a single provider with consultation from other specialists as needed.

A lending closet of books, videotapes, special equipment and toys for enrolled families and children.

Education to assist the family in accessing other helpful programs.

Transition services for families leaving the program.

You Can Expect

From EDIS, you can expect to receive coaching to help you meet your goals for your child and to get the information you need to make your child's and your family's life better. You will learn how to optimize your child's potential through activities you do every day. And, you will come to realize your child's greatest learning takes place between our visits, and YOU are his or her greatest teacher.

Developmental Milestones

Use these milestones to help you determine if your child is acquiring the skills he or she needs.

Newborn to three months
• Makes cooing sounds like "ooo" and "aaa"
• Lifts head when on tummy
• Watches you when you walk across the room
• Responds to loud noises

Three to six months
• Smiles to interactions
• Rolls from back to tummy
• Turns head to sounds
• Reaches for and holds a toy

Six to nine months
• Sits up without falling
• Responds to "No"
• Transfers objects hand-to-hand
• Makes sounds like "baba" or "gaga"

Nine to 12 months
• Crawls and pulls up to standing position
• Says "Mama" or "Dada" to the right person
• Picks up small things using thumb and one finger

12 to 15 months
• Points to or asks for things he or she wants
• Feeds self with fingers
• Walks independently
• Plays ball with another person

15 to 18 months
• Climbs on furniture
• Says 20 different words, not necessarily well
• Drinks from a sippy cup
• Stacks objects and turns pages of a book

18 to 24 months
• Puts two words together such as "car go"
• Points to the pictures you name
• Removes loose clothing (socks, mittens, hat)
• Feeds self with a spoon

24 to 30 months
• Jumps
• Makes a straight line with a crayon
• Follows simple two-step directions such as "Go to your room and get a diaper."
• Says 50 words including "me" or "mine"

30 to 36 months
• Says own first name and asks questions
• Unbuttons and unzips
• Walks up and down stairs independently
• Enjoys pretend play

Contact Us


Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed 1st Thursday of the month 8 a.m.-10 a.m. and 3rd Thursday of the month 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

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