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Median Nerve Gliding Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


1.Begin by making a fist, with your wrist in the neutral position.
2.Straighten your fingers and thumb.
3.Bend your wrist back and move your thumb away from your palm.
4.Turn your wrist palm up.
5.Use your other hand to gently pull your thumb farther away from your palm
Five (5) repetitions - three (3) times / day


The information on this website is meant for patient education and to provide home treatment options for some common muscular and skeletal injuries. It is not intended to replace your health care provider. Many are actually intended for use by your health care provider through referral to the website for appropriate self-care interventions. If your symptoms get worse; are not improving in two weeks despite treatment; or new unexplained symptoms develop, you should contact or follow-up with your health care provider.
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