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Families must call the appointment line (1-800-493-9602) to schedule Saturday appointments. This is for children 4-17 years of age. This will be for School/Sport physicals ONLY- no wellness or establish care visits. Parents need to bring school form(s) and immunization record(s) We ALSO have plenty of pediatric appointments available throughout the week. These appointments can be booked via the call center or MHS Genesis Patient Portal.

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Medial Epicondylitis

What is it?

The medial epicondyle can be felt on the inside of the elbow. The muscles that bend the wrist and fingers and those that turn the palm downward attach at this location. Overuse of these muscles can cause inflammation and tears to the muscle tendons resulting in pain.

Signs and Symptoms of this Condition

◾Pain on the inside of the elbow that increases when participating in certain activities such as golf and tennis or even when turning doorknobs or shaking hands
◾Trouble moving the elbow or hand
◾Tightness in forearm muscles


◾Any other repetitive motions especially gripping such as hammering or using a screwdriver


◾Using the right equipment in sports such as golf and tennis as well as using proper technique can reduce your risk of acquiring this condition.

What You Can Do At Home

◾Take a break from the activities causing the pain and rest the arm
◾Home heat and ice treatments 2x/day (see Home Heat Treatments)
◾Massage the elbow at the point of most tenderness with firm pressure clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down
◾Take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen (check with your doctor first) for 10-14 days


Your doctor or occupational therapist may recommend a counter-force brace such as the one to the right. Your therapist may also use heat, stretching, and strengthening exercises during your treatment. A cortisone injection may also be used to reduce pain and inflammation.


The information on this website is meant for patient education and to provide home treatment options for some common muscular and skeletal injuries. It is not intended to replace your health care provider. Many are actually intended for use by your health care provider through referral to the website for appropriate self-care interventions. If your symptoms get worse; are not improving in two weeks despite treatment; or new unexplained symptoms develop, you should contact or follow-up with your health care provider.
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