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Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitation service for individuals with illnesses or injuries that prevent full participation in daily life activities, vocational (work) tasks, and leisure interests.

The Occupational Therapy Clinic treats more than just work-related injuries. OT defines "occupation" as "any purposeful activity". Therefore, the clinic treats injuries that relate to work, leisure and basic tasks you complete everyday.

The occupational therapist helps return patients back to purposeful activity after physical injuries or psychological difficulties by helping them acquire or rebuild skills. The clinic at Ireland Army Health Clinic specializes in helping Soldiers/beneficiaries rehabilitate from upper extremity injuries or disabilities, including injuries to the upper arm, elbow, wrist, or hand.

Army occupational therapists also serve in a physician extender role by providing initial screenings and evaluations to diagnose problems in the upper extremity and then treat and follow that patient until sufficiently healed. The occupational therapist can order a variety of radiographic evaluations, prescribe non-steroidal medication, and write one-month temporary profiles.

The occupational therapist can also consult with other specialty services to recommend the most appropriate treatment for individual patients.

Occupational therapy services available to all active duty, family members, and retirees. Focused evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular-skeletal conditions of the upper extremity.

Custom and pre-fabricated splinting available.

Arthritis management and education offered.

Due to size constraints of the clinic, services related to outpatient pediatric OT services and stroke rehabilitation are limited but can be evaluated on a case by case basis.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Contrast Baths
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Dequervains Tenosynovitis
Dupuytren's Contracture
Ganglion Cysts
Homemade Heat And Ice Treatments
Lateral Epicondylitis
Medial Epicondylitis
Median Nerve Gliding Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tendon Gliding Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Trigger Finger/Thumb

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