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Food Handling

Click to view the Food Operation Safety Training (.pdf file format)

Instructions for Basic Food Handler certification. Read all instructions prior to starting:
1. Read the privacy advisory below.
2. Click on the slide image above and review the slides.
3. After completing the slides, take the test by navigating through Healthcare Services > Preventive Medicine > Environmental Health > Food Safety Quiz.
4. After completing questions, test results will be forwarded if you pass. An 80% is required to receive a certificate.

Privacy Advisory for submitting your Basic Food Handler Quiz
Warning: By submitting the answers to this quiz, you certify that you are the person taking the exam and the person entitled to the certificate of completion. Your first name, last name and email address are required for you to receive the Basic Food Safety Certificate. Your first and last name will be printed on your certificate. A valid email address is required to receive your certificate. This website does not retain this information. Your first and last name will be kept on file at the Food Safety section of the Ireland Preventive Medicine department. Your name will be kept on file to issue you a replacement certificate if you ever lose the original.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.