Note: Clinic closed until 10 a.m. the first Thursday and until noon on the third Thursday of each month.

Join us on Facebook Live for a Humana Town Hall at 10:00 on May 23. Topic: Permanent Change of Station. Coordinating Your Medical Coverage Before, During, and After Your Move

Medical Readiness Clinic (MRC) walk-in service is suspended until August due to Cadet Summer Training. Soldiers requiring MRC services prior to August should contact their respective unit Operations (S3) section to coordinate related requirements within the schedule of limited space available opportunities at Building 2020 for the months of June and July. August walk-in MRC dates will be provided once they are firmly established.

Patient Resources


On June 3, 2023, the Department of Defense’s new electronic health record (EHR), MHS GENESIS, launched here at Ireland Army Health Clinic. MHS GENESIS has replaced TRICARE Online at this facility. Here are the slides from our townhall presentation.


MHS GENESIS is the new EHR that provides you and your providers with enhanced, secure technology to manage your health information. When fully deployed, MHS GENESIS will be the single health record for service members, veterans, and their families. >>Learn More about MHS GENESIS

What is the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?

Along with the new EHR, the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website available 24/7 that gives you access to your health information. Through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, you can:

  • View health information, including laboratory and radiology results  
  • Schedule appointments
  • Communicate securely with care team
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Complete intake and screening forms in advance of appointments
  • Access a health library

The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is replacing the TRICARE Online Secure Patient Portal.

What does this mean for me?

MHS GENESIS and the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal have replaced TRICARE Online, including the patient portal and secure messaging, at this facility.
  • If you had a current TRICARE Online account, it was migrated to MHS GENESIS on June 3, 2023. No action is necessary by you.
  • If you don’t already have a TRICARE Online account, you can log onto your Common Access Card or DS Logon Account.
  • If don’t have a DS Logon Account or if you have questions about DS Logon, visit the milConnect website or call 1-800-538-9552.

What happens next?

Appointment availability may be affected and appointment wait times may increase as our staff adjusts to new technology and workflows. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we integrate MHS GENESIS to provide you with top-notch care.

Need Help with the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?

Do you need technical help accessing your records or information in the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal? You can call 800-600-9332 or DSN 312-838-3000. They’re available 24/7.
  • Are you overseas? Find country-specific support from the list below:
    • Belgium: 0800-72115
    • Germany: 0800-1011129
    • Greece: 00800-12-5629
    • Guam: 1-866-637-8725
    • Italy: 800-782407
    • Japan: 00531-1-20743
    • Korea: 00798-14-800-5242
    • Netherlands: 0800-0228847
    • Panama: 001-800-151-1005
    • Portugal: 800-8-12305
    • Turkey: 0-800-151-1005
    • United Kingdom: 08-005871786
    • Spain: 900-951895
  • Do you have a CAC? Get help via chat and email at the GSC online services portal.
  • Can’t get access to DS Logon? Visit milConnect or call 800-538-9552.

How do I still receive care?

Tricare covers clinical preventive services that don’t require a referral from your PCM including:
  • Breast Exams/Mammograms
  • Health Promotion and Disease Promotion Exams
  • Immunizations
  • Infections Disease Screening
  • Physicals
  • Well-child Exams
  • Well Woman Exams


TRICARE covers physicals:
  • When required for school enrollment.
  • For overseas travel for active duty family members when:
    • The family member is accompanying an active duty service member on assignment and
    • Travel is because of orders from a uniformed service.
TRICARE doesn’t cover annual sports physicals.  
But, TRICARE does cover:

Well Woman Exams

Well-woman exams are covered annually for women under age 65.  They may include breast exams, pelvic exams, and Pap smears as needed. TRICARE covers these exams with no cost-share or copayment.
TRICARE covers:
  • Well-woman exams without the requirement that they be provided in connection with a covered cancer screening or immunization
  • Breast exams
  • Pelvic exams
  • Pap Smears
  • HPV DNA testing when performed in conjunction with a Pap smear for women age 30 or older
  • Other screenings and services when ordered or recommended during the exam

Urgent Care

Urgent care is care you need for a non-emergency illness or injury. You need urgent care treatment within 24 hours, and you shouldn't have to travel more than 30 minutes for the care. You typically need urgent care to treat a condition that: 
  • Doesn’t threaten life, limb or eyesight.
  • Needs attention before it becomes a serious risk to health.
Examples may include things like a high fever or sprained ankle.

Nurse Advice Line

If it's after hours or you're not sure if you need to see a doctor, call TRICARE's Nurse Advice Line 24/7. Call 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273) — Option 1 to talk to a registered nurse who can:
  • Answer your urgent care questions
  • Give you health care advice
  • Help you find a doctor
The Nurse Advice Line is available to all TRICARE beneficiaries in the U.S. except those enrolled in the US Family Health Plan.
Tricare Prime Active Duty Service members require a referral to seek care at an Urgent Care Center. Tricare Prime Active Duty Family members do not need a referral to see care at an Urgent Care Center however ensure the UCC takes Tricare Insurance. To find Network Urgent Cares in your area go to Find providers in the TRICARE East Region (

Emergency Care

TRICARE covers emergency care to include professional and institutional charges and services and supplies that are ordered or administered in an emergency department. Emergency care means care for an illness or injury that threatens your life, limb, sight, or safety. If you reasonably believe you have an emergency, always call 911 or your international emergency number. Or, go to the nearest emergency room.

Call 911 or Go to the Emergency Room

Make sure you go to an emergency room. Urgent care clinics offer quick walk-in services without an appointment, but these facilities are not considered to be "emergency rooms." If you go to an urgent care clinic, make sure you follow your plan's rules for getting urgent care.

Enrolled in TRICARE Prime?

If you're enrolled in a TRICARE Prime plan, contact your primary care manager within 24 hours or the next business day after you receive emergency care. Also, be sure to follow up with your PCM for a referral for all specialty care to avoid point-of-service fees.

What is an Emergency?

Examples of emergencies include:
  • No pulse
  • Severe bleeding
  • Spinal cord or back injury
  • Chest pain
  • Severe eye injury
  • Broken bone
  • Inability to breathe 

Telemedicine Benefits

TRICARE covers secure video conferencing and audio-only telemedicine visits. To use these, you must connect securely with your provider using a computer or smartphone. Beneficiaries will pay required cost-shares and copayments for telemedicine visits. TRICARE covers:  Telemedicine Available 24/7 with Doctor on Demand
Connect face-to-face with providers through video on your smartphone, tablet, or computer using Doctor On Demand. They offer urgent care and behavioral health, psychology, and psychiatry services. Learn more

Access Behavioral Health Providers with Telemynd

Telemynd offers behavioral health services, psychology, and psychiatry (Medicine Assisted Treatment, Substance Use Disorder and Applied Behavioral Analysis services are EXCLUDED). Learn more

Virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding services

SimpliFed provides ongoing lactation support throughout your baby-feeding journey with covered visits, education classes and 24/7 access to baby feeding experts through mobile app, without cost-shares. Learn more

Additional information

Active duty service members (ADSM) require referrals to obtain urgent care and behavioral healthcare from Doctor On Demand and Telemynd. TRICARE Prime Active Duty Family Members (ADFM), retirees and their family members do not need a referral or authorization.
***Not all services are available through telemedicine. Check with your provider to see which options are available to you. Telemedicine services do not include texting.
If you do not have internet access and have questions about your care, please call:
Telemynd: 1 (866) 991-2103
Doctor on Demand: 1 (800) 997-6196
How can I find a provider who offers telemedicine? Humana Military’s Find Care tool flags in-network providers with a green “Telemedicine” indicator. Find providers in the TRICARE East Region (

Getting Mental Health Care and Emergency Mental Health Care

What is a mental health emergency?

You have an emergency if the patient:
  • Is at immediate risk of serious harm to self or others as a result of mental disorder
  • Needs immediate continuous skilled observation at the acute level of care (based on a psychiatric evaluation)
If you have a mental health emergency:
  • Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room  
  • You don't need pre-authorization
  • If admitted, call your regional contractor within 24 hours or the next business day
  • Admissions must be reported within 72 hours

Non-Emergency Mental Health Care

You don’t need to get a referral or pre-authorization for any outpatient mental health (except psychoanalysis) and substance use disorder (SUD) care. This includes services like therapy and counseling.  If you choose a provider outside the network, you may pay higher costs. 
For psychoanalysis or care from an institutional provider outside of a military hospital or clinic, you must get a referral for non-emergency mental health and SUD care.  

We don't want to discourage you from getting help. We want to make sure your condition doesn't negatively affect your health and ability to perform your duties.
Note: If you are an active duty service member seeking care in the TRICARE network, you must get a referral and pre-authorization.

How do I know if something is covered by TRICARE?

A good place to check is What’s Covered on the TRICARE website. You can search an expansive database of covered services by keyword or category.

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