Saturday School Physical are scheduled for 0800-1300, 27 July 2024.
Families must call the appointment line (1-800-493-9602) to schedule Saturday appointments. This is for children 4-17 years of age. This will be for School/Sport physicals ONLY- no wellness or establish care visits. Parents need to bring school form(s) and immunization record(s) We ALSO have plenty of pediatric appointments available throughout the week. These appointments can be booked via the call center or MHS Genesis Patient Portal.

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What is Chiropractic?

• Chiropractors treat nerve, muscle and joint pain by non-drug or non-surgical techniques. However, we we work with your physician, who may prescribe medication when necessary.
• Our goal is to find where the pain is coming from, and why it is there, and to get you better as fast as possible, and then to keep the pain from returning.
• Our main technique, especially for neck and back pain, is called an “adjustment,” or “manipulation.” There are many different techniques. Our goal is to find the most effective and most comfortable for each person.
• We also use exercises, different forms of soft tissue therapy, heat, ice, ultrasound, and other therapies as necessary to treat our patients.
• The Chiropractic Service is a referral only service. Active duty soldiers may be referred by any physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner. Walk in appointments without a referral from a primary care provider are not accepted.

What can Chiropractors Treat?

In the military, chiropractors can see patients with “neuro-musculoskeletal conditions typical among military personnel on active duty.” (NDAA 2001)
Examples of what this means are:
• Mid and Low Back Pain
• Sciatica
• Neck Pain
• Headaches
• Neck, Shoulder and Arm pain
• Rib pain
• Backache from Pregnancy
• And More (call if you have a question)

What is eligible for Chiropractic Services?

•Active Duty Only.
•The National Defense Authorization Act of 2001 made chiropractic a benefit only for active duty military.
•It is not a benefit of TRICARE.  If dependents or retirees would like chiropractic care, at this time, it will be at their own expense, and not at a military facility.

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