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Health Services

Nutrition Services

Registered dietitians offer individualized nutrition coaching and medical nutrition therapy counseling sessions to enable you to achieve your health or performance goals.

Planning to kick start your weight loss efforts? Need to change your diet for health reasons? Or, just looking for an individualized eating plan for better health? Whatever your unique situation, our registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) can help you increase the enjoyment and success of a dietary overhaul.

What can your dietitian do to help you?

Customized recommendations: A dietitian has special skills and training to help you develop a nutrition program that specifically meets your needs – whether that’s a health and fitness goal, weight loss, health optimization, or medical condition.
A safe approach: Fad diets can help you drop weight fast, but the weight always creeps back  while potentially causing health risks. Your dietitian will develop a safe nutrition plan to meet your goals while optimizing overall nutrition and health.
Answer the tough questions: Want to know if a particular supplement may be worth trying? Or perhaps you’re curious about a food-drug interaction with the new medicine your doctor just prescribed? A dietitian can work closely with the other members of your medical team to help answer some of the tough questions and make sure that a nutrition plan will best meet your needs, given your unique circumstances.
Putting it all together: Know what to do but not sure how to do it in your busy life? Have multiple medical problems that require you to make changes to your eating habits? Everyone telling you something different? Not sure whether to pay attention to calories, fat, carbs, etc.? The dietitian can help you develop a customized plan of attack and help you prioritize change.
Enhance motivation: There’s nothing like having a bona fide nutrition expert holding you accountable. Your dietitian can help you stay motivated, troubleshoot challenges and barriers, and help you get back on track after a relapse.

How to access Nutrition Services?
No referral required, simply call to schedule your initial appointment.
800-493-9602 Appointment Line

How is care provided?
We offer both individual, family and group appointments.
If interested in a family appointment contacted the Nutrition main line directly to arrange.
Group sessions provided value added to your experience—learn hands on strategies while receiving support from other experiencing the same challenge as you.
Call Nutrition Service Mainline to inquire about what groups are currently available.
We offer care two ways:
  • Traditional office visit
    • Check in for these visits in Primary Care on the 1st floor.
  • Telemedicine with video capabilities
    • Utilizing a video platform you will be connected to your provider from the location of your choice. Video allows you and the provider to see each other throughout the visit, creating the feeling of being in the same room. This type of appointment offers all the capabilities of a face to face appointment and are great for busy people that may not have the time to travel to the clinic for their nutrition appointments or have child care or transportation challenges.
  • All appointments are available as either face to face, office visits or telemedicine, video virtual.
  • Please let our IRAHC team member know your preference when scheduling. 
Army Body Composition (ABCP)
Don’t wait until you are flagged, come see us anytime you are at risk (within 3%).
Proactive nutrition often is more effective than reactive nutrition.
If you find yourself enrolled on the ABCP you are required to receive counseling by a registered dietitian on sleep, activity, and performance nutrition for obtaining and maintaining optimal body composition and performance.
To expedite access to care, we offer group ABCP sessions throughout the month. When calling to schedule an appointment let the team member know you are enrolled in the ABCP.
Additional resources including education and coaching on healthy sleep, activity, and nutrition behaviors, and weight management are offered at the Fort Knox Army Wellness Center to support the Soldier and help them meet the ABCP standards.
Call the Army Wellness Center to learn more. 502.626.0408
Fort Knox Wellness Resources

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